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The Technolink Team
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Centre Technolink
2, rue Charles de Tornaco
L-2623 Luxembourg
+352 4796 3271
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07h30 - 12h30
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In 1998, Gaston Nilles was asked by the City of Luxembourg to gradually introduce ICT into their schools. Since he was one of the first teachers to experiment with computers in the classroom, his tremendous enthusiasm persuaded the city policy managers that computers in the classroom were an asset, not simply as stand-alone machines, but with Internet connectivity. The usefulness of this tool is now well established, but it was not so at the start of the technolink project.

Gaston Nilles not only convinced the policy and education managers but also, more importantly, his colleagues, teachers and other professionals in the city's schools.

In the beginning, the project was experimental and investigative. Approximately sixty teachers were each provided with a laptop and a projector, and a network was set up in each of their classrooms. Good practice, projects and experiences were discussed in meetings held once a month. The first educational technolink tools were very soon developed: Edulinks, a collection of online educational resources available to parents and teachers, and the Minibook, mini layout software enabling pupils to create their own little book.

It took five years for the project to reach its goal. Each classroom in the City of Luxembourg was equipped so that each teacher and each pupil could share knowledge on the Internet.

Before Gaston Nilles retired in May 2007, the city authorities decided to secure the project as a viable entity. It became the Technolink Centre, a fully fledged department of the Education Service.

Since its launch, Technolink has been awarded the prize for the development of new technology three times by the Ministry of National Education.

In 2007, the European Observatory for new technology and education cited Technolink as an example of Best Practice:

"Among the many initiatives that were presented and showcased around the issue of collaboration, the Technolink centre was a remarkable project in terms of the high quality services it provides for teachers in schools."  (Report of the ICT Cluster Peer Learning Activity Luxembourg, 27-29 September 2006 European Schoolnet & CTE, 12 January 2007)